Hose & Tubing

Kuri Tec Appication Guide

Chemical Resistance Guide

Reinforced Low and High Pressure Spray / Transfer Hoses

Specialty Products

Reinforced Water Supply and Food Grade Hoses

IPOP Display for Air and Water Hose Assemblies

Air/Water and General Purpose Water Hoses Assemblies

PVC Non-Toxic Air Breathing Hose

Reinforced Air and Water Hose

Tubing Products


Couplings and Accessories


Combination Hose Nipples


Pin Lug Hose Shank Couplings

Quick Acting Couplings

Strainers and Skimmers

Quick Disconnect Couplings and Plugs Industrial Interchange

Chemical Resistance Guide

Material Specifications

Operating Presures & Temperatures


Hand Tools

Master Tool Sets

New Trolley System

Tool Trolley & Chest Set

Display Set

Tool Set For Trolley

Wrenches & Torque Wrenches

Open End Wrenches

Ring Wrenches

Ratchet Wrench

Adjustable & Pipe Wrenches

Socket Wrenches

Specialty Wrenches

Hand Sockets Bit Sockets & Accessories


Bit Sockets

Socket Accessories

Ratchet Handle

Socket Set (Metal Case)

Socket Set (Blow Case)

Impact Sockets Bit Sockets Accessories

3/8" DR.

1/2" DR.

3/4" DR.

1" DR.

Hexagon & Star Keys

Allen Key

L-Type Key Wrench

Key Wrench Set

Screwdrivers & Bits


Screwdriver Set

Specialty Tools

VDE Insulated Screwdrivers


Bit Set


American Line

Retaining Ring Pliers

European Line

VDE Insulated Pliers

Electronics Pliers

Locking Pliers

Tool Storage & Display

Mobile Tool Trolley

Middle Tool Chest

Display Stand

Tool Station

Auto Tools

Hammers & Striking Tools


Pin Punch Set

Ribbed Flat Chisels & Handle Set

Other Tools

Other Tools


Super Torque

Super Grip

72-T Gear Action


Air Tools

Air Wrench

3/8" Air Impact Wrench

1/2" Air Impact Wrench

3/4" Air Impact Wrench

1" Air Impact Wrench

1-1/2" Air Impact Wrench

Air Wrench Kits

Air Ratchet Wrench

Air Grinder

Air Angle Grinder

Air Extension Die Grinder

Air Angle Grinder (Stop-Spanner Free)

Air Angle Die Grinder

Air Vertical/Straight Grinder

Air Micro Grinder

Mini Air Angle Grinder

Air Die Grinder

Air Grinder Kits

Air Sander / Air Polisher

Air Random Obital Sander

Air Random Obital Sander (no-Spanner)

Air Sander

Straight Line Sander

Air Angle & Vertical Sander

Mini Air Angle Sander

Air Belt Sander

Air Angle & Vertical Polisher

Air Hammer

Air Chipping Hammer

Air Needle Scaler & Flux Chipper

Air Hammer

Air Scaling Hammer

Auto Air Hammer

Air Hammer Kits

Hammer Accessories

Air Drill

Air Straight Drill

Air Reversible Angle Drill

Air Angle Drill

Heavy Duty Air Angle Drill

Air Drill Kits

Air Screw Driver

Air Screw Driver (Impact Type)

Air Screw Driver (Slip-Clutch Type)

Air Screw Driver (Shut-Off Type)

Air Angle Screw Driver (Impact Type)

Air Angle Screw Driver (Slip-Clutch Type)

Air Screw Driver Kits

Air Hydraulic Riverter

Air Hydraulic Riveter

Vacuum Air Hydraulic Riveter

Air Hydraulic Riveter Kits

Air Stapler / Nailer / Pinner

Air Stapler

Finish Nailer / Pinner

Industrial Nailer / Fastener

Other Air Tools

Air Knife & Blade

Air Body Saw & File

Air Nipper

Air Caulking Gun

Air Cutter

Specialistic Tool

Air Metal Shear

Engraving Pen

Air Spot Drill

Air Tire Buffer

Air Punch & Flange Tool

Air Smart Eraser

Air Nibbler

Air Spray Gun

Air Blow Gun


Air Coupler

Swivel Coupler-Joint

Swivel Coupler-Plug

Ppreparation Unit-F.R.L


Spring Balancer

Air Hose Balancer

Air Hose Reel

Pu Recoil Hose

Suction Lifter

Mechanism Of Air Impact Wrench

Illustration Of Governor

Air Supply System

Conversion Table


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